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Hi.  I'm Daniella Saunders, founder of Enlightened Health Academy.  This site is here to provide support, learning, and resources for spiritually-aligned people who would like to improve the well-being of their mind, body, and soul.

So if you have high levels of sensitivity or empathy, or if you are a healer, therapist, coach, carer, or simply a lovely, heart-centred person, then it's great to meet you.

There are a few topics that this site embraces: First, exploring all those deep and meaningful philosophical questions about the meaning of life, the nature of who we are, and how to effectively interact with the world.  Second, understanding the nature of  health; how the mind-body connection, consciousness,and thoughts about personal identity impact all of us in a beneficial, or not-so-helpful way.  Finally, on a related theme, how to use a range of natural therapies to improve well-being. So, overall, the academy is all about exploring life, spirituality, and health, and providing practical ways to increase health and happiness.


Online Courses (various lengths & intensity levels)

One-to-One Consultations (online -accessible from any location)

Free resources (blog, videos)


Well-Being for HSP's and Empaths

Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia Recovery

Spiritual Development & Self-Realization

Stress Reduction Programmes

Emotional & Mental Wellness

Learning Natural Health Therapies

Understanding the Nature of Life,

7 session consultation programme