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Welcome to the Enlightened Health Academy

Daniella Saunders

Hi, I'm Daniella

I help heart-centred people to reduce stress-related conditions, like anxiety, high sensitivity, chronic fatigue or illness -

through a process of healing and self-realization.

There are 2 main areas that I have qualifications and experience to help you with:

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Mind-body health

I can help you to explore the relationship between high levels of stress, emotional health and chronic illness - to teach you how to master your mind and heal your body.

Developing wisdom

Also, to explore the nature of your mind, and how it relates to consciousness, spiritual experience, health and illness - from both Eastern and Western perspectives.

Here are some of the things I can help you with:

Living with chronic health conditions

For many years, I have run my own clinics for management of chronic health conditions within the NHS.  Now, as a private health coach, and a specialist in stress-related conditions, I can help you with:

  • How to improve your quality of life when you have a chronic health condition
  • How to reduce stress, anxiety and burnout
  • Step-by-step guidance for overcoming high sensitivity or chronic exhaustive conditions
  • Practical ways you can reduce symptoms like pain, fatigue, insomnia or inflammation

Mind-body healing

As a trained therapist in multiple healing modalities, including remedial massage, aromatherapy, reiki, reflexology and acupressure, I can also teach you how to use therapies at home, including...

  • How to use mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Somatic breathing for emotional healing
  • Acupressure points for chronic health conditions
  • Nutrition for stress-related disorders and chronic fatigue

Changing habits and behaviours

Learning new skills can help to increase your resilience and make you more able to deal with difficult situations which you encounter in life.  I can help you with:

  • Making long-term lifestyle changes - like diet, compulsive habits, exercise, or work-life balance
  • Recognising, and changing, sub-conscious beliefs and barriers to personal growth
  • Improving your relationships with partner, family and friends
  • Reaching your personal goals and aligning with your life purpose

Developing self-realization

Any serious path of personal growth will eventually lead to spiritual exploration and understanding the nature of life. Having recently completed two degrees in Eastern and Western philosophy means that I am able to assist you with these questions at a deep level...

  • My main areas of interest are philosophy of mind, spirituality and health.
  • So, I can help you to explore consciousness, personal experience, and mental health
  • To understand the fundamental nature of spirituality, religion and science
  • Or to explore real spiritual awakening and self-realization

Support for healing

Mind-Body Health

Here are some of the things which we explore:

  • Practices to help you master your mind and emotions
  • How to use natural therapies at home for reducing stress-related symptoms
  • Integrating mindfulness and meditation into your life
  • Understanding the link between high empathy, exhaustion or illness
  • How to improve your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health

Support for transformation

Developing Wisdom

Topics relating to personal growth:

  • Developing skills to improve your well-being, life, and relationships
  • How to overcome fear so you can reach your highest potential
  • How to let go of your conditioning, and find emotional freedom
  • Understanding the nature of mind, consciousness and personal experience
  • How to develop real spiritual awakening or self-realization

Here's a quick guide to the ways that I can help you...

Along with a lot of other people in the world right now, I am in the process of changing the way that I provide support for people. Here's a quick guide to what is available at the moment...

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Online Coaching

Currently I am offering one-to-one, online coaching sessions.  You can access these either on an individual session basis, as an ongoing subscription, or as a set programme of support.

You can enrol onto my coaching programmes online - just click the link of your choice on the images below to take you through to the booking pages.

Online Courses

Behind the scenes, I am also in the process of creating a range of online courses, to help those of you who prefer a more self-paced approach to learning.

If courses and self-paced learning are something which appeals to you, please join my email list and I will let you know as soon as each new course becomes available. I am also creating some free courses, so make sure you sign up if you want to access these.

Which type of support are you interested in?

Support Programmes

Online learning programmes with one-to-one support.  For helping you develop self awareness, explore spirituality and improve your life.

One-to_one Consultations
Online Courses

Self-paced learning for people who want to know more about holistic health, mindfulness, personal growth, philosophy, spirituality and wisdom.

One-to-One Coaching

Individual coaching sessions for if you are struggling with a shorter-term problem, loss, major life changes, decision making, or relationship challenges.

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