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Welcome to the Enlightened Health Academy.

We are here to help you improve your health, develop wisdom for life, and take you on a journey of self-realization.

Support for healing

Mind-Body Health

Here are some of the topics you can learn about in the Academy:

Why understanding the mind-body connection is so important

How emotional mastery can help you reduce symptoms of chronic illness

Using natural therapies at home for reducing stress, and symptom control

Mindfulness and meditation practices to help you control your mind

Understanding chronic health conditions, and what you can do about them

Practical tools for improving your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health

Support for transformation

Developing Wisdom

Here are some of the things you can explore in the Academy:

Personal development and learning new, practical, life skills

How to overcome fear and sub-conscious blocks - reach your potential

How to achieve personal freedom and let go of social conditioning

Understanding the nature of mind, consciousness and experience

Explore all the deep questions you have about life

How to develop real spiritual awakening or self-realization

Hi, I'm Daniella

I created Enlightened Health to help you improve your well-being, master your mind and emotions, and to develop deeper levels of self-awareness.

There are 2 main areas that I am qualified to help you with:

Daniella Saunders

Mind-body health

I am a consultant in mind-body health and a holistic health practitioner.  I  specialise in exploring the fundamental nature of the mind, and its relationship with health, emotional well-being, and chronic illness. 

Wisdom and well-being

I also provide spiritual and existential counselling - both for spiritual seekers and people who have experienced trauma or illness.  I can help you compare perspectives from Eastern and Western philosophy.

Which type of support are you interested in?

One-to-One Consultations

I provide programmes for people who are experiencing chronic illness, stress-related problems, or who want individual support.

One-to_one Consultations
Academy Membership

Ongoing learning for people who want to learn more about holistic health, mindfulness, personal growth, spirituality and wisdom.

Online Courses

If you are interested in specific areas of wisdom or well-being, you can also buy individual online courses, tutorials, meditations and resources.

Join the waitlist for our online learning programme

I am starting a membership group for learning about wisdom and well-being, where you get new resources each month, plus access to online support.

We will be exploring subjects including health, mindfulness, natural therapies, personal development, and spirituality.

We are not open just yet, but I invite you to join the waitlist and become one of our founding members.

Here's what you will get with your membership:

  • Access to a growing library of online courses and tutorials about wisdom and holistic health
  • Q & A section with Daniella - ask about anything you are struggling with
  • Members forum where you can meet other like-minded people
  • Coaching exercises and workbooks to help you transform your life
  • Practical resources to help you integrate holistic therapies and practices into your life

Click the image, and then enrol onto the waitlist

In the meantime, you can still access one-to-one consultation programmes - click here to find out more.https://learn.enlightenedhealthacademy.com/coaching

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Learning Programme

Get ongoing support for your journey of health and wisdom in our exclusive membership group - coming soon!