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Online Learning for Spirituality, Wisdom and Holistic Health

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Hi!  Welcome to the Enlightened Health Academy. 

I'm Daniella Saunders, and I help soul-centred people to improve the well-being of their mind, body and soul.

A Journey of Awakening Through Health and Well-Being

Awakening to the nature of who you are, and gaining wisdom and insight is the ultimate journey of well-being.

It is a process of developing deep self-awareness, of understanding the nature of experience, and improving our awareness of our relationship with the world around us.

I help people to understand the fundamental nature of life and experience.  This often begins by exploring new ways of approaching health of mind and body.  But this is a process which eventually transcends all the concepts and health models that we have learnt, and allows us to really be at one with life...

Along the way, we begin to release the beliefs which hold us in a state of stress, worry and illness.  We learn to improve our relationships, to let go of our attachment to anxiety-provoking thoughts, and to align ourselves fully with our true life purpose.

I hope you can join me on this journey to wellness...

My specialist areas

Enlightened Health Academy

Daniella Saunders

I have been fortunate to have learnt a wide range of practical skills for improving health and well-being during my own journey of recovery from chronic illness. I would love to share this knowledge with anyone who can benefit from it, so I am creating this site to help other people improve their health, relationships, and overall experience of life. It combines information about the areas in which I have professional and practical experience: philosophy of mind, metaphysics, consciousness, spirituality, plus holistic health, stress reduction, and natural remedies. Everything you need for well-being of mind, body and soul.

Spirituality, Wisdom and Holistic Health


I offer one-to-one consultations for any aspect of personal or spiritual development, holistic well-being and improving life experience. Consultations are available for: 

  • Reducing physical symptoms (pain, fatigue, digestion, stress)
  • Emotional health (anxiety, depression, fear, relationships)
  • Spiritual awakening, enlightenment, life purpose, connection
  • Life skills (assertiveness, conflict, self-esteem, finances)
  • Chronic fatigue, stress, illness and high intuitive sensitivity
Emotional Health and Chronic Illness
Emotional Health and Illness
One-to_one Consultations
One-to-One Consultations
Support Circle
EHP Well-Being Circle

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If you would like to find out more about how I can support you, please book in for an introductory Clarity Call for just £10.