Enlightened Health Academy

Online Learning for Spirituality, Wisdom and Holistic Health


Enlightened Health Academy

Online Learning for Spirituality, Wisdom and Holistic Health

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Enlightened Health Academy is an online learning platform for improving your health and well-being and developing spiritual wisdom.

It is a great way to improve your experience of life, from the comfort of your home, and at a pace that suits you.  It will include online courses about:

Spiritual Enlightenment

Emotional Well-Being

Philosophy and Metaphysics

Natural Remedies

Improving Relationships

Holistic Therapies

Mindfulness and Meditation

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Enlightened Health Academy

Daniella Saunders

I have been fortunate to have learnt a wide range of practical skills for improving health and well-being during my own journey of recovery from chronic illness. I would love to share this knowledge with anyone who can benefit from it, so I am creating this site to help other people improve their health, relationships, and overall experience of life. It combines information about the areas in which I have professional and practical experience: philosophy of mind, metaphysics, consciousness, spirituality, plus holistic health, stress reduction, and natural remedies. Everything you need for well-being of mind, body and soul.

Health & Well-Being


If you can't wait until the online courses arrive, and you would like individual support, then I also offer one-to-one consultations.  These are available for any aspect of holistic health and well-being.

Consultations are available for: symptom control, relationship issues, discovering your life purpose, dealing with high intuitive sensitivity, chronic illness, changing beliefs, dealing with life challenges or life altering change. In fact, anything which is affecting your well-being!

Holistic Health
Mind-Body Health
Philosophy for Life
Philosophy and Metaphysics
Holistic Therapies
Natural Therapies

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If you would like to find out more about how I can support you, please either book in for an introductory Clarity Consultation, or send me an email for more information.