How to Stop Worry and Overthinking
How does worry and overthinking impact your life? Do you suffer from any of these? You feel constantly anxious, worried and restless When something happens ...
5 Top Tips for Living with Chronic Illness
Improving Your Life When You Have Chronic Illness Chronic illness is a term which encompasses a wide array of conditions; it can include relatively minor ...
Emotional Burnout in Therapists and Healers
The shadow side of being highly empathic… Therapists, healers, coaches and other health professionals are usually drawn to their role because of a desire to ...
Using Reflexology for Well-Being
  Introduction to Reflexology Reflexology is a great therapy for overall well-being.  It can be used easily and safely on most people, does not require ...
How Emotional Stress Affects Your Health
Physical Effects of Emotional Stress The stress response is a great way of your body protecting itself from impending danger.  It allows you to deal ...
Origins of Heightened Sensitivity
Origins of Sensitivity People with high levels of sensitivity usually share an increased receptivity to the processing of external stimuli, including an increased awareness of ...

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