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Online Learning for Spirituality, Wisdom and Holistic Health

Consultation Programmes

I offer one-to-one consultations for any aspect of health and well-being, and also for spiritual counselling.  If you would like to book in, please contact me by email so that we can arrange your appointment.

If you are unsure about whether you need a course of consultations, then why not book in for an introductory, low cost, clarity call instead?

All consultations are available online so you can access support anywhere around the world, from the comfort of your own home.

Clarity Consultation: £25  (a 30 minute introductory session)

This is a one-off session for new clients who would like a little more clarity, or who may be unsure whether coaching is suitable for their particular circumstances. Perhaps you are unsure if your symptoms are related to stress, or whether you are highly sensitive, or have chronic fatigue. This 30 minute session is available either online or by telephone, and will provide you with the opportunity to discuss your situation, and make an assessment of what is the most beneficial way forward for you.

Individual Consultation:  £80 (approx 1 hour)

A single session where you can discuss any particular issue that you are having difficulty with right now. This could be anything: pain, fatigue or symptom control, how to deal with a personal, family, or work situation, or how to reduce anxiety levels. You can always book individual sessions on a 'pay as you go' basis, when you feel that you need additional support or insight.  

3 x Consultation Programme:  £225 (save £15)

7 x Consultation Programme: £490 (save £70)

10 x Consultation Programme: £700 (save £100)

A longer course of sessions provides an opportunity to work through each of the main problem areas which are associated with total well-being.  You will create a step-by-step plan for your own well-being, and receive tools, exercises and recommended reading for completion between sessions.

Chronic stress or health problems usually involve complex patterns of thought and behaviours which can take a while to change. For example if you have been used to reacting to a particular situation in the same way for 40 years, then it is likely, although not impossible, to take more than a single session to make permanent change. So if you have access to a programme of consultations you have additional support whilst you implement new actions.

Discounts apply to consultation programmes which are booked and paid for in full prior to commencing the initial appointment.

To help maintain a strong intention and personal focus, all programmes need to be used within the corresponding number of months. ie 3 consultations within 3 months, 7 consultations must be used within 7 months maximum.

All consultations are held online, usually by Zoom video call, so they can be accessed form any location as long as you have computer and good internet access.