The Enlightened Health Circle

Health and wellness as a spiritual journey...

A community of soul-centred people who want to improve their health, reach their highest potential, and explore the nature of life

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The Enlightened Health Circle is a membership support group for heart-centred people who are struggling with health issues.

Our aim is to provide ongoing learning, specialist support, and a supportive community - so that you don't have to go through it alone.

Here are a few of the areas which we explore:

Why being a highly intuitive or spiritually sensitive person can affect your health

How you can develop supportive relationships, and deter energy vampires

How to reduce stress and improve your quality of life when you are experiencing chronic health conditions

How you can overcome blocks to financial success and prosperity

How to actually move beyond emotionally distressing events and start to experience joy and happiness

How you can support the healing of your body, mind and emotions using natural remedies at home

How to recognise real spiritual wisdom in the midst of all the confusing opinions out there...

If you are interested in joining our online well-being circle, please join the waitlist - there's no commitment, and no obligation to sign up.

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