Meditation and hypnosis are powerful tools for helping to create new patterns of thought, and for releasing habits which hold us back from creating positive change in our lives.

Some of the benefits of using mind-based therapies including meditation, guided imagery, mindfulness and hypnosis include:

  • Reduces addictive patterns of behaviour
  • Lowers levels of stress and anxiety
  • Promotes emotional health
  • Improves body's healing ability
  • Supports healthy processing of emotions
  • Increases levels of happiness
  • Deepens spiritual connection
  • Enhances levels of self awareness

With this in mind, here is a list of my favourite meditations and hypnosis tracks which you may find helpful.

Please click on the images if you would like to follow the link to Diviniti Publishing, and get full details about each of the items and how to use them.

The Solfeggio bundle is a healing therapy which uses sound frequencies to release emotional blocks and restore healthy energetic balance.  I have found that the best way to use these tracks is to experience each of the sound frequencies in turn, to prevent creating an imbalance in one specific area - which may happen if you only use one of the frequencies.  As with other energy-based healing therapies, when the energetic channels within the body are unrestricted, personal healing ability is enhanced.

The Relax and Sleep bundle is designed to help if you are experiencing any symptoms of stress; this can include conditions like worry, restlessness, compulsive behaviours, and physical symptoms such as insomnia.  It helps to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, and prevent a constant low level of anxiety-related disorders. This is an essential bundle which will help to decrease stress-related conditions, and also improve your levels of happiness and appreciation of life.

The Stop Smoking and Detox bundle addresses the underlying thought patterns and behaviours which contribute towards continuation of smoking.  Often people try to use willpower to change behaviour patterns, without addressing the underlying thought patterns, related triggers, and reasons which underlie compulsive actions. So, if you are trying to give up smoking this bundle will help to create the fundamental issues which can prove difficult to overcome.  It's important to use regularly for best results, and as part of a planned programme for change.

Pain Control

We all have an innate ability to control pain through the power of the mind.  Pain is the body's way of telling us that there is a problem, so it is important not to dismiss this mechanism completely. These pain control meditation tracks are designed to help you reduce your perception of pain to manageable levels, to be able to function more effectively in the presence of chronic pain, so that you can begin the process of natural healing.

This is the ultimate bundle for hypnosis, mindfulness and meditation - designed for people who want to incorporate these mind-based therapies as a permanent part of their life.  This bundle includes a wide range of tracks and approaches which will help you to kick-start your journey of improving your mind-based approach to health. It includes a range of different tracks so that you can use whatever feels most relevant on any particular day.  Approaches included within this bundle include: mindfulness, Solfeggio sound healing, using the law of attraction, deepening relaxation, physical healing, and boosting confidence.  Highly recommended!

Losing weight can be a difficult process, and this is usually because people approach it on a superficial level, using willpower to try and achieve their goal, and omitting to look at the deeper issues which are involved.  So this package is especially helpful because it includes tracks to help heal your inner child, overcoming blocks which keep you from exercising and losing weight, plus a spiritual approach which helps you to move beyond the self-protective aspects of weight gain.

Raise Your Energy

These tracks are designed to help you increase your levels of energy and motivation.  (If you are looking to increase physical energy levels associated with chronic fatigue, a track on pain or stress relief may be more aligned with your needs). These tracks are helpful for situations where you feel that you are procrastinating about making changes, or where you want to empower yourself and increase your levels of inspiration.

If you want to develop your level of mindfulness, and begin to explore how to incorporate it into your daily life, then this bundle is a great tool to get you started.  It contains 6 tracks which help you to relax, improve your levels of gratitude, even in difficult circumstances, access deeper levels of healing and increase your spiritual connection. This bundle is well suited for anyone who wants to explore the spiritual aspects of health and wellness.

If you are experiencing difficulty in creating positive changes in your life, you want to improve your levels of happiness, or your levels of motivation in achieving your life goals, then this is a good bundle to help you.  It is suitable for people who are feeling depressed, unmotivated, and lacking in direction in any aspect of life, and who want to embrace a more positive mindset.