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Enlightened Health Academy

Online Learning for Spirituality, Wisdom and Holistic Health


Enlightened Health Academy

Online Learning for Spirituality, Wisdom and Holistic Health

Recommended Articles

For people who are interested in getting into the deeper aspects of spirituality and health, and exploring current research, I have included a few articles below which I have found to be interesting.

Please note that I have only included titles and basic details for the articles, rather than the full academic reference, but this should be adequate to locate the articles on a range of databases.



Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy:  Search on this site for any subject related to philosophy.  great if you want to research the mind-body connection, consciousness, religion and spirituality, well-being, illness, and metaphysics.

BuddhaNet: A great resource about Buddhist approaches to life, how to relieve suffering, and how to reach enlightenment.  You can access a wide range of free downloads and eBooks here.

Google Scholar: Easy access to a wide range of academic papers.  Many are free to access, but some require a payment fee, which can be expensive, but worth checking out.

Academic Articles

Useful Articles on Spirituality, Mind and Well-Being

The Role of Religion and Spirituality in Mental and Physical Health by Kevin S. Seybold and Peter C. Hill, Current Directions in Psychological Science, 10,1 (2001) pp.21-24

Determining Relationships between Physical Health and Spiritual Experience, Religious Practices, and Congregational Support in a Heterogenous Medical Sample by James D. Campbell, Dong Phil Yoon and Brick Johnstone, Journal of Religion and Health, 49,1 (2010) pp.3-17

Descartes on Mind-Body Interaction: What's the Problem? by Rozemond Marleeen,  Journal of the History of Philosophy, 37,3 (1999) 435-467

No Self? Some Reflections on Buddhist Theories of Personal Identity by Anthony Rudd, Philosophy East and West, Honolulu, 65,3 (2015) 869-V

The Soul by Anthony Quinton, The Journal of Philosophy, 59,15 (1962) pp.393-409

Spiritual Transformation after Near-Death Experiences by Bruce Greyson, Spirituality in Clinical Practice, 1,1 (2014) pp.43-55

Secularization, R.I.P by Rodney Stark, Sociology of Religion, 60,3 (1999) pp.249-273

Epistemiological Problems of Testimony by Jonathan Adler, Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy

Brain, Mind and Soul by Grant R. Gillett,  Zygon, 20,4 (1985) pp.425-434

Rethinking Mind-Body Dualism: A Buddhist take on the Mind-Body Problem by Chien-Te Lin, Contemporary Buddhism, 14,2 (2013) pp.239-264

Articles on Trauma, Spirituality and Health

Religion and the DSM: From Pathology to Possibilities by Allison L. Allmon, Journal of Religion and  Health, 52,2 (2013) pp.538-549

Illness: Mental and Otherwise by Peter Sedgwick, The Hastings Center Studies, 1,3 (1973) pp.19-40

Spirituality in Disability and Illness by Judy Kaye and Senthil Kumar Raghavan, Journal of Religion and Health, 41,3 (2002), pp. 231-242

Distress, Dissociation, and Embodied Experience: Reconsidering the Pathways to Mediumship and Mental Health by Rebecca Seligman, Ethos, 33,1 (2005) pp. 71-79

Lining Religion and Spirituality with Psychological Well-Being: Examining Self-Actualisation, Meaning in Life, and Personal Growth Initiative by Itai Ivtzan, Chrisitne P.L. Chan, Hannah E. Gardner and Kiran Prashar,  Journal of Religion and Health, 52, 3 (2013) pp.915-929

Dissociation and Dissociative Disorders: Challenging Conventional Wisdom by Steven Jay Lynn, Scott O. Lilienfeld, Harald Merckelbah, Timp Giesbrecht and Dalana van der Kloet, Current Directions in Psychological Science, 21,1 (2012) pp.48-53

Traumatic Stress and Religion: Is there a Relationship? A Review of Empirical Findings by Yung Y. Chen and Harold G. Koenig, Journal of Religion and Health, 45,3 (2006) pp. 371-381

A Journey Toward Wholeness, a Journey to God: Physical Fitness as Embodied Spirituality by Tracey C. Greenwood and Teresa Delgado,  Journal of Religion and Health, 52,3 (2013) pp. 941-954

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