Reading and an active interest in personal development are the keys to improving your health, and reducing your levels of stress.  The more you know about yourself - how your mind works, why you experience certain patterns, how you can reduce symptoms - the more you become empowered.

It's always best to follow your own intuition about which books appeal to most, as you will usually be drawn to those areas which you most need to change.

Here are a few books which I have found helpful, and would like to share. If you want more information about a specific item, simply click on the link to access the Book Depository.

The Emotion Code

Learn how to release trapped emotions from your body.  Repressed emotion is associated with chronic illness, high levels of stress, and addictive behaviours. By following the practical techniques in this book, you can effectively let go of difficult emotions and process them fully.

Art of Living

Thich Nhat Hahn is a Buddhist spiritual leader who shares his wisdom on how to examine our own nature, and live in alignment with the principles of enlightenment. A beautiful book which helps you to let go of attachment to unhelpful thoughts and actions, and to live fully in each moment of life.

The Nature of Consciousness

Rupert Spira clearly explains the nature of experience, and how this relates to consciousness and non-duality. This book includes a discussion about how peace is an inherent part of us, and shows us how to become aware of the fundamental nature of experience.

How Your MInd Can Heal Your Body

Explores the healing effects of visualisation, belief and positive thinking upon the healing ability of the body.  Includes examples and exercise o how to focus on visual imagery for healing inflammation and chronic disease.

Values Factor

John Demartini provides a questionnaire to help you establish your deepest values and beliefs, so that you can begin to live an authentic life, and align with your highest potential. This book covers all aspects of life including relationships, work, health and vitality.

Biology of Belief

Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist, and provides a deep insight into the nature of how our belief affects our physiology, healing and DNA. Beliefs are perhaps the most important influencing factor which impacts our health.

Money A Love Story

This spiritual guide to experiencing financial wealth in your life explores all the underlying beliefs and behaviours which underpin a lack of money.  It also offers practical advice for getting out of debt, spending in line with your values, and budgeting.

Spiritual Patnership

Gary Zukav explores a major path for spiritual growth through our relationships.  By focusing on the our own interior experience, rather than on exterior objects and people, we can learn to use our relationships as a means for spiritual growth, and insight into our true nature.


This is highly recommended for helping to let go of the need for overachieving, and trying to be someone that you are not.  It helps you to explore the origins of the thoughts and beliefs which fuel feelings of inadequacy and supports you in learning how to be completely happy with who you are now.


This is an excellent book for deepening understanding of the ways in which trauma can still be impacting our lives now.  It is helpful in learning to move beyond the behaviour patterns, thoughts, and physical symptoms associated with trauma, and how this relates to the mind-body connection. Particularly relevant for anyone with chronic fatigue conditions or fibromyalgia.


This is an in-depth book about the clinical presentations of thyroid disorder and how they relate to current methods of testing.  It has quite a strong clinical basis, and is useful because it contains a treatment plan which can be followed under the supervision of a qualified nutritionist.


Learn how to clear energetic blocks in your body with this comprehensive guide to energy medicine. This a good book for helping you to fully release emotions, becoming more aware of somatic issues, and also for increasing feelings of well-being.


This book is about how trauma, mental illness, and emotional breakdown can be symptoms of spiritual emergence.  It discusses trans personal psychology methods, shamanism, and spiritual ways of approaching wellness of mind and body through difficult life experiences.


When we grow up in an environment where there are unhealthy dynamics, it can be difficult to recognise when you are engaging in relationships where these boundary issues are present.  This book helps you to recognise when you are not being authentic, and how you can begin to establish healthy boundaries within your relationships.


Written by the founder of research on high sensitivity, this workbook will help you to identify specific qualities associated with your trait, and learn practical ways to thrive as a highly sensitive person.


A great guide which includes everything you need to know about nutritional therapy for reducing symptoms of stress-related conditions, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune disease.