Embracing personal insight and growth - learn new life skills, change your thoughts and behaviours, and reach your highest potential in every area of life.

Do these things sound familiar?


You want to get a better job or a new career, but you feel stuck

You attract toxic people into your life -you feel drained and exhausted

You feel overwhelmed because you have so much going on in your life

Your partner doesn't seem like a good match for you any more, but you don't know if you should just try harder

You want to improve your diet, or start exercising, but don't seem to get around to it

You are struggling with addictive or compulsive behaviour patterns

You want to make a difference in the world, but keep procrastinating


If you relate to any of these things, then coaching can help you to unlock the subconscious patterns and beliefs which are keeping you stuck in a life that doesn't work for you.

Holistic Health

Did you know that we operate on autopilot most of the time. We think, behave and react to situations, based on our prior experiences and perceptions.

If you want to, you can choose to create a new way of being which aligns with YOUR own values and beliefs, and how you want to experience life from now on...

Developing Self-Insight and Wisdom Can Help You to:

Recognise and change your thoughts, feelings and beliefs so you can release stress and anxiety

Move you beyond being stuck, and reach your personal life goals -improve your finances, career, relationships

Help you to let go of old patterns of behaviour and align with your highest spiritual purpose

Attract healthy, supportive and loving relationships into your life

Learn how to improve your levels of resilience when dealing with difficult situations

Develop practical skills like confidence, awareness, forgiveness and acceptance

Understand the true nature of your mind and emotions, and allow you to master your life?


Ask yourself - what will happen if you do not take action now? How will it affect your hopes and dreams for the future? Would you feel regret and sadness if you don't even try to achieve your personal goals?

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Holistic Living

How to Improve Your Life with One-to-One Coaching

So, considering that health and well-being is influenced by all of our life experiences, not only physical issues, here are a few areas which can improve how you experience life:

  • Changing how you interpret and react to the experiences of your life
  • Learning how to develop healthy relationships: partner, family, friends, work colleagues
  • Releasing past trauma or stress, and establishing new coping skills
  • Developing your level of self-awareness and insight
  • Aligning your work and career with your life purpose
  • Practising healthy lifestyle: diet, exercise, social activity, health-promoting behaviours
  • Becoming authentic, and aligning with your core beliefs and values
  • Developing your ability to deal with difficult situations; conflict, assertiveness, life skills
  • Resolving spiritual seeking: insight, wisdom and awakening
  • Living your life to its fullest potential

For each of these areas, and any others that you identify as problematic, it can be helpful to reflect upon their origins, how they are impacting your life, and to identify what steps you need to take in order to improve your current experience. One one the most common problems in developing self-awareness is that as we grow up, whatever we experience in life is completely normal to us.  Whilst we know theoretically what we would like to improve in our lives, we don't quite manage to achieve it.  This is usually because we have hidden patterns of thoughts or behaviour which are preventing our success.  Coaching can be particularly helpful with this, and it also provides personal support, clarity, insight, focus and practical guidance.

 I can help you with:

Improving your close relationships and attracting an emotionally healthy partner

Overcome addictive and compulsive behaviours

Learn how to deal effectively with dysfunctional family dynamics

Develop a healthy lifestyle and create change in any area of your life

Improve your financial experience by releasing blocks to wealth and abundance

Learning life skills to make your life flow well; finances, communication,  alignment with life purpose

Moving beyond self-limiting beliefs and actions, so that you achieve the life that you want

Develop personal and spiritual awareness, wisdom and clarity

Developing wisdom and recognising the fundamental nature of life versus man-made beliefs

Become more self-assured, confident and assertive

Learn how to deal with criticism, conflict and other negative situations with grace and ease

Overcoming the fear of death, and developing an appreciation of life

Become more authentic and worry less about what other people think of you

Understanding the nature of consciousness, thoughts and experience

Feeling connected and present to life in each moment

One-to-One Consultations for Personal Development

If you want to change a specific area of your life, then these consultation programmes would be a good choice.

The Ruby and Sapphire Programmes:

Great for when you want to make a specific life change, like altering your dietary habits, learning how to be more assertive, stopping compulsive behaviours, or getting through a difficult time in your life. You get a consultation every 2 weeks with optional interim emails, so this programme is ideal for when you need intensive, short-term support.

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